Enhance Your Car’s Life With These Maintenance Hacks

You are always in a love/hate relationship with your cars. These trusted vehicles take you to your desired destination, carry your loads, help you enjoy your journey and do all the good things they are supposed to do. But when they require an expensive maintenance, it turns this love affair into a hate story very quickly. A car with noisy engine along with smoke from exhaust, stiff suspension and axles that sound enough to send chills up your spine, are always an endless source of frustration.

Hopefully, you know how important is to check and change engine oil to extend your car engine’s life. But what are other crucial maintenance hacks that can help you enhance your car’s life? Have a look at these tips and implement them on your beloved vehicle. Some of them are basics, while others are ingenious hacks that can prolong your car’s life.


If you have purchased a new car, you need to take it easy on the accelerator paddle for up to a thousand kilometers. A new engine tends to have small limitations in the metal surfaces over a first few kilometers of the drive. This is lengthy, but an important process and it must be completed in every vehicle. So be a gentleman when driving your new car for a few weeks so it can smooth out its plates. Remember to get your oil changed after first 1000 kilometers.

Eco Idling

Nowadays, new cars are coming with eco idling function. When a car is not in motion, this feature automatically shuts the engine down before you place your foot on the gas again. It helps your car to be fuel and oil efficient. But if you don’t have this option in your car, simply switch your engine off when stopping for more than a minute.

Warming up

When you start your car for the first time in the morning or after a long time, it is important to get it warmed up. Engine and oil need to be warmed up to an optimum temperature for enhanced running as they provide maximum lubrication at that temperature. If you live in a place with the cooler climate, this process can take several minutes, but it is important for a longer engine life.

Changing driving habits

When we talk about driving habits, it is imperative to adopt every good step we have discussed. Furthermore, a car is in the best shape when it is running in top gear (not to confuse with top speed) constantly with a light foot on gas paddle. To do this, you need to plan your trips, even small ones and should know where to stop or slow down, so you don’t need a strong foot on the brakes. This habit can also save your fuel and furthermore add more life to your tires.

Your car also needs to be perfectly aligned. Wheels are refreshed when they synchronized with each other. To maintain alignment, remember to keep wheel optimum wheel pressure in each rubber. Furthermore, you can consult any good tire dealer to acquire some knowledge about ideal tire pressure in each season.

There are other simple hacks that can be done to keep your simple, but important car parts in top shape. You can take care of your windscreen by cleaning in first with a soft cloth, then using your wipers as dust particles or snow can scratch your windscreen. Always melt the frozen locks with the help of alcohol or any other defrost method you prefer before placing your key in the lock hole.

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