Amazing Tips For Extending The Life Of Car

The car is one of the staples nowadays. Without our car will be silent and not growing, therefore it is very important to have a car that can run smoothly and efficiently at all times. the key is regular maintenance, proper care always pays attention to the basics of car care so that the car’s age can be longer. this is the care for cars provided by experts for car owners around the world:

  1. You must also avoid heavy loads on the driver’s train and not let your new car stop for a long time. In addition, you should be patient during break-in-period, usually the first 1,000 miles or 1,600 km. In addition to keeping your speed below 55 mph.
  2. Buy gas only in authorized workshop. Also, avoid filling if you see a tanker. Since station underground tanks are being filled, turbulence can generate sediments that can clog the injectors and filters – this in turn will cause poor performance that needs to be fixed.
  3. You may not think that too heavy a key chain can be dangerous for your car. You should lighten your key chain. Loads that are heavy enough depending on the car keys together with bouncing when you drive can put tumblers in the ignition and will eventually lead to ignition failure. So, to add years of service to your ignition switch, you should buy a light key chain. However, your ignition key stays sticky if you try to turn on your car, this is really a warning that your ignition switch will fail.
  4. You must change the refrigerant once a year. The cooling and distilling water mixture will certainly keep the cooling system in top condition and prevent corrosion and precipitate formed in the cooling system.
  5. You have to drive carefully every day. Remember that if you drive carefully every day, your car will give you longer rewards without repairs.
  6. Finally, check and change oil regularly. Not a single step will help the engine last longer than changing oil and filter regularly. Indeed, no one can destroy a machine faster than ignore the oil level checks. In addition to engine oil you can also add TriboTEX to improve efficiency of machine work. TriboTEX is a special oil that is inserted in the engine when the engine condition is still warm. This oil can improve your engine in 15 minutes.

If you use triboTEX on your car engine then your car engine will be greater hour power, reduced engine noise, longer lasting engine and increased fuel efficiency. How to use it, first; Take your car out for a drive to warm the engine up. You want to make sure your engine is warm before applying TriboTEX, second; Open your oil filler cap and squeeze all 20 ml of the proprietary nanomaterial into your engine or oil tank; third; Idle the engine for 15 minutes to allow the engine oil to mix with TriboTEX, fourth; After putting another 500 miles on your car (about 2 full tanks), your gas mileage will experience the full effect of TriboTEX at work, fifth; Apply another coating of TriboTEX after driving another 40,000 miles.

For more information about TriboTEX please visit our website . You will get a profit that you never expected. The performance of your car will be much more powerful than before.